Company profile

United Well is a professional supplier of nuclear medicine products and services, dedicated to the management and layout of radiopharmaceuticals and their upstream and downstream industries, including the R&D, production and sales of radiopharmaceuticals raw materials, medical isotopes, radiological diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical products, etc.

Drug and equipment development

After years of development and accumulation, United Well has experience in successful GMP production and a worldwide supply chain network. A number of newly developed nuclide generators can effectively alleviate the shortage of short-half-life radioisotopes in the market. In addition, a variety of radiopharmaceuticals under development have shown good application prospects in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, which are expected to improve the efficacy and quality of life of cancer patients.

R&D and operation services

United Well lays out the whole industrial chain of medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical production, research and use, and provides professional services through mature experience.

We provide customized services for scientific and medical partners around the world, and cooperate to develop new diagnosis and treatment methods.

We tailor the overall solutions of nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals for radiopharmaceuticals manufacturers and related laboratories, including the solutions of accelerator production process of specific isotopes, αradiopharmaceutical solutions, modular laboratory supporting solutions, etc.

We provide services such as GLP or GMP site planning and construction, molecular imaging equipment and radiopharmaceutical production for relevant research institutions and enterprises. We also cooperate with them in accelerator operation and maintenance.

United Well has many years of practice and accumulation in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine, and always focuses on the research and development of new products in the hope of mutually beneficial sharing and win-win cooperation with partners.

1With complete test platforms, we provide customers with customized nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical solutions that meet their needs.
2The whole-process management system provides customers with CRO services, accelerator operation services, etc.
3Partners and supply chain networks throughout the world provide customers with the required raw materials and related equipment, including stable isotope supply, radiochemical equipment, etc.
4Our professional team can provide customers with 24/7 technical support and services, and share our relevant experience with customers.


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