Radionuclide-labeled diagnostic and targeted therapeutic drugs

Nuclear medicine is a kind of special medicine containing radioisotopes, which is intended for diagnosis and treatment. Nuclear medicine focuses on diagnosis, but it is gradually shifting towards treatment. Targeted therapy is made possible by the advent of radiolabeled antibodies, which attach only to the target site and deliver radiation directly to cancer cells. Currently, about 100 radioactive molecules have been discovered in the nuclear drug industry, unleashing their diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

In recent years, as cancer morbidity and mortality rise, radiotherapy is playing an increasingly important role in cancer treatment, and the increase of patients has further promoted the development of nuclear medicine applications. Against the background of increasing R&D investment in the global nuclear medicine field, United Well Technologies also began to make active layout of the R&D of specific diagnostic and targeted α-therapeutic drugs in view of the development trend of the nuclear drug field.

Year 1896

Becquere H and Curie M first discovered radioactivity

Year 1937

99mTc enters the clinical application stage

Year 1958

The99Mo-99mTc generator came out

Year 1976

The first clinical PET scan of Fluorine [ 18F] deoxyglucose (18F-FDG) was made

Year 2018

As of August 2018, there were 977 clinical studies on radiopharmaceuticals

Diagnosis & Treatment

Neuroendocrine tumors
Prostate cancer
Breast/Ovarian cancer
Lymph cancer