As a overall solution provider with extensive experience in the field of nuclear medicine, United Well provides expertise and practical experience to major research institutions. We provide mature comprehensive solutions for site planning, accelerator operation management, radiochemistry equipment and molecular imaging equipment for radiochemistry and radiopharmaceutical facilities.

Integrated solutions for preclinical
radiochemistry laboratories and facilities (GLP)
Integrated solutions for radiopharmaceutical production facilities (GMP)
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CRO service

Perhaps you are developing a new nuclear medicine technology or product. When encountering the development bottleneck, how to break through the dilemma and usher in a new page? We might be a good partner in helping solve your problems.

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Radiopharmaceutical research platform

Through years of practice and accumulation in radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine, United Well has built up a complete set of test system including radiochemical CMC laboratory relying on the sound supply chain system jointly established and operated by United Well, and by relying on this system, United Well has been engaged in the R&D of radiopharmaceuticals.

Radiochemistry CMC laboratory
Radiopharmaceutical biology laboratory
Radiopharmaceutical safety evaluation laboratory