Radioisotope At-211
Half-Life/Daughter 7.214 hours to polonium-211 and bismuth-207
Chemical Form Sodium astatide in 0.05 N NaOH
Radionuclidic Purity >99% At-211 (based on gamma spectroscopy, evaluated quaterly)
Radioisotopic Purity >99.5% (based on gamma spectroscopy, evaluated quaterly)
Radiochemical Purity ≥85% (by area) Na[At-211]At; other At-211 species may be present (e .g.[At-211]astatate)
Production Route Alpha irradiation of bismuth metal
Processing Wet chemistry isolation
Primary Container Screw-cap vial in approved DOT package
Availability Special order
Unit of Sale Millicuries
Grade non-cGMP Grade
Other Information