Radioisotope Lu-177
Half-Life/Daughter 6.647 days to hafnium-177
Chemical Form Chloride solution (0.05 N HCl)
Available Specific Activity 2 products available, with specific activities as follows:
• ≥740 GBq/mg (≥20 Ci/mg), routinely available*
• ≥1850 GBq/mg (≥50 Ci/mg), special order**
Radionuclidic Purity ≥99%
Production Route Neutron capture on enriched lutetium-176 target
Processing Irradiated lutetium is dissolved in HCl and dispensed
Primary Container Glass vial in nonreturnable container
Availability *Routinely available from MURR production
**Available via special order from ORNL, dependent on HFIR cycle
Unit of Sale Millicuries
Other Information