Congratulations on the successful convening of MITS 2024!


The 2nd Singapore Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics Symposium (MITS 2024) was held from April 17th to 20th, 2024 at the National University of Singapore. Symposium covers various fields:

lMolecular Imaging and Therapeutics

lRadiopharmaceutical development

lClinical translation: Optical and Magnetic

lArtificial intelligence-assisted medical imagingUltrasound-based visualized precision diagnosis therapy

Renowned scholars from around the globe gave presentations that not only showcased the latest research findings but also facilitated the exchange of professional knowledge and the emergence of new ideas.

As the organizing committee, Professor Shawn Chen Xiaoyuan, Program Organizer, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and Professor Pek-Lan KHONG, Director of the Clinical Imaging Research Center, addressed the symposium respectively.

"Molecular imaging provides basic data for treatment and diagnosis and is the basis of therapeutic medicine. Personalized care of patients will ensure people receive the right treatment at the right time based on the individual's unique physiological characteristics and monitoring data." said Professor Shawn. Meanwhile, as the research director, he also showed visitors around the Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC) of the National University of Singapore. The CIRC is equipped with on-site capability for the preparation of PET radiopharmaceuticals in a state-of-the-art GMP-certified facility. So far, the center is looking for more cooperation opportunities. Finally, Professor Shawn expressed his gratitude to LNCYT and United Well for their strong support.”

During the symposium, a number of keynote speakers brought wonderful reports. "The evolving role of artificial intelligence-powered molecular imaging and theranostics" presented by Habib Zaidi (Geneva University Hospital), “NIR-II Fluorescent Probes for in vivo Multiplexed Biodetection” presented by Fan Zhang (Fudan University), "Nanoprobes for in vivo applications" presented by Mingyuan Gao (Soochow University), "Clinical translation of multitarget molecular imaging" presented by Zhaohui Zhu (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), etc.

Furthermore, in order to encourage young researchers to appreciate their outstanding contributions to science, MIT 2024 also awarded outstanding poster award certificates to these researchers.

On April 20th, participants and scholars were invited to visit Theranostic Center of Excellence in Helios, which is equipped with a complete molecular imaging platform, advanced multi-modal imaging equipment and a standardized nuclide labeling platform. The Center holds an open attitude and is willing to carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation with the majority of scientific researchers. During the visit, Eric Cao, Director of United Well, said, " We have always maintained a good cooperative relationship with Professor Shawn and his scientific research team. We hope to fully realize the platform advantages of the center, accelerate the transformation of achievements, and work together to promote the development of nuclear medicine in China."

Thanks MIT 2024! We believe the active interaction will pave the way for further collaborative research. Let's wait and see, as challenges in the application of molecular imaging technology are gradually overcome, it will play a greater role in the future of medical care!